Specialist Cleaning Services


Happy Home can provide Specialist Cleaning Services to deep clean and treat your home either on a regular or one-off basis. 

Hygiene Cleaning 

Alongside a regular routine cleaning process, it is beneficial to carry out intermittent hygiene cleaning tasks. Taking the time to work through all areas with specialist sanitisers to ensure your home and its components are clean and bacteria free! We can provide a team of cleaners to carry out a full hygiene clean either for the entirety of your home or for key areas such as Kitchens and Bathrooms, ensuring each room including all of its furniture and appliances are pristine. Not only will your home look fresh and clean, but you will know it is germ free too! 

Background and Spring Cleaning 

A good routine clean can keep the key areas of your home fresh and clean, however this does not always allow time for getting in, under and behind furniture or into those hidden areas of storage we all have within our homes! We can provide a team of cleaners to work to a schedule of tasks to suit you and your home, to really reach and clean those areas which are often left untouched. We are happy to move items of furniture, appliances and soft furnishings, to allow for a thorough clean. 

Specialist Treatments

The use of domestic cleaning products can hygienically clean and freshen your home when used on a regular basis. However we can have areas of our homes within which, no matter how hard we try, they just remain grubby looking! Whether it be the dreaded Cotswold limescale causing havoc with your showers and taps or a gloomy looking U-bend on the toilet, we can come along and treat these areas of your homes to get them looking fresh and new once again! 

Home Reorganisation

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to work through the build up of piles and chaos within our homes, it just doesn't seem to work and whilst we know things are clean, our homes can look untidy and neglected. Whether it be for a lifestyle change, a family gathering or just for some sanity, Happy Home can help! We can provide a team of our specialist cleaners to assist you with creating a plan for your home and then we will carry out the hard work for you, assisting with de-cluttering, re-organising and putting some order back in to your home.  

Appliance Cleaning 

Whether it be your Fridge, Washing Machine or Cooking Appliance, we can assist! We can work through your home, with our specialist products to freshen up your appliances. Not only can this assist with the build up of limescale in a washing machine or the clogging of filters within an air fryer but it also ensures the appliances we use and touch on a daily basis are clean and hygienic. Good upkeep of our appliances and routine cleaning can really lengthen their lifespan and effectiveness too! 

Oven Cleaning 

We can provide a full and professional clean of your oven to freshen your oven and its components! We can offer this either with the use of specialist chemicals or with a steam cleaning method, ensuring that your oven is fresh, clean and sparkling once again! 

Carpet Cleaning 

With over 40 years experience in Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we do the best job for you. Our Dry Foam method of Carpet Cleaning not only leaves your carpet dry within 2 hours, also deodorises and neutralises bacteria and allergens within the pile of the carpet. 

For more information on any of the above services, please do get in touch with us either on 07379 354 922 or info@home-cleaning-stroud.co.uk 

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and we would be happy to provide a no-obligation visit to see how we can help! 

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